Certified Plumbers in Modesto Promote Drought Awareness

Times are changing. The weather is changing and California is experiencing one of the most extreme droughts in history. Saving water has become crucial and crops around the state are sure to suffer. But this doesn’t make homeowners seek out water efficient plumbing fixtures in Modesto.

They aren’t taking those 5 minute showers, in truth…saving water is a little boring. To keep everyone on track the state government has turned to alternate methods to create awareness. One way is through app games that show children why saving water is so important. It is definitely time to promote drought awareness, not only in California but throughout the nation.


Turn California’s drought into a game with the water-saving equivalent of Flappy Bird

Sure, if you live in drought-stricken California, it’s very important that you save water. But it’s also soooooo booooooring. Can’t anybody turn this into a game we can compulsively play on our iPhones? Oh, they can? Oh good, maybe agriculture will be saved.


Besides, trying to make homeowners and residents in general more aware of the drought issues at hand, the state is also looking for better tools to help the agricultural districts.  Hopefully, scientists with the help of high technology devices can help farmers determine how to best take advantage of irrigation and practice better water conservation techniques in Stanislaus County California.


Better tools for saving water and keeping peaches healthy

Peach growers in California may soon have better tools for saving water. Scientists are evaluating whether infrared sensors and thermal technology can help peach growers decide precisely when to irrigate in California’s San Joaquin Valley.


In The End…

California is not the only state suffering from drought, many countries within the North American Continent have similar problems.  We are very lucky to live in the country we do. But it’s time to face facts, we are changing the world and we aren’t doing enough to correct the mistakes we have made in the last 50 years. It’s time for all of us to save water by installing water efficient bathroom plumbing accessories, implementing saving techniques and even promote tasks like rain water collection.