What’s The Plumber Cost To Install A Toilet?

There are few things more frustrating than having to do any major remodeling of your home.  Especially if the remodeling is because of outdated or old fixtures.  One such fixture is the toilet in your home.  We don’t often think that we would ever have to replace or repair the toilets in our homes, but the reality is that they too need attention.

Over time, the porcelain base of the toilet could weaken and eventually crack.  The tank system on your toilet could get worn and start leaking or worst, end up splitting apart.  These are all very real problems that any homeowner could face at some point in their lives.  If this happens to you, keep calm and know that it isn’t the end of the world.

The biggest concerns when having to replace or install a new toilet isn’t that it is a messy job, but probably that it is going to cost a fortune.  Knowing the installation cost of new toilet will relieve you of all the stress.

The average cost to install a traditional toilet ranges from $125 to $250, but that doesn’t include the price of the toilet.  The actual toilet that will be installed is usually supplied by the homeowner.  This price isn’t set in stone either and there are several factors that should be taken into consideration when an estimate is calculated.  Some extras could be having the plumber dispose of your old toilet or whether the plumbing components are still in good condition.

The installation process is usually less stressful than you might think, provided that you have a professional plumber doing the job for you.  The process usually includes the following:

  • The plumber will turn off and disconnect the water in your home, so you won’t be able to access water until they are finished.  This is usually between an hour  or two.
  • The plumber will repair the shut off valve for your toilet if it is worn or faulty.
  • The old toilet will be drained, removed and the flange inspected for any faults or damages.  The flange connects the toilet to the drainpipe to the floor, so it’s vital that it is in good condition.
  • Then the actual process of installing and setting the toilet takes place.  Once that’s done, the water is connected and the plumber will test to ensure that it is working correctly.

Hopefully after reading this, you will have an idea about the plumber cost to install a toilet. If you need to know how to repair a leaking toilet, this article will help you fix the most common causes of leaks under the toilet.

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