What’s The Best Toilet Unblocker In Washington DC?

A blocked toilet is one of the many plumbing issues that you’ll experience at home. It may be caused by several factors such as the flushing of toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and other sanitary products. These things do not decompose easily and that’s the reason why they get trapped in the pipes. Other causes include tree root intrusion in your sewer pipes or the flushing down of foreign objects such as toys, cigarette butts, clips and other things that are not even supposed to get disposed of in the john. If you are facing this problem right now, follow this guide to remove the blockage.

1. Start by using your reliable plunger. Remember that there are different kinds of plunger so use the one that’s meant for toilets. Position the plunger right on top of the hole and make sure that the rubber part is covered in water. Plunge up and down consistently and repeat this process for 15 times. Test if the clog is removed.

2. If the problem persists, use a plumbing snake. Insert the wire into the toilet and turn the crank clockwise to move it further into the drain. When it reaches a solid material, keep on pushing on the wire and turning the crank to break through the clog. If you’re no longer feeling any solid there, slowly and carefully pull out the snake and dispose of the waste properly.

3. If the clog is too stubborn, you might need to pull the toilet out and remove the clog from there. For this kind of job, you will need other plumbing tools and materials such as the ever reliable wrench, bolt removers and plumber’s putty among many others. Check my next article for the detailed guide on how to remove a toilet.

4. Meanwhile, never use chemical drain uncloggers to remove the blockage. It might worsen the problem and harm your plumbing system in the long run.

I hope that you learned the most effective toilet unblocker in Washington DC. If your john is no longer efficient and you want to have a new one installed, read this article on how to replace a toilet for step-by-step tips. And should you need professional plumbers, just visit www.Plumbers911.com/washington-dc/ to schedule an appointment.

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Natural Clogged Toilet Fix For Broward County Homes

Don’t you hate it when your toilet gets clogged? It’s messy, smelly and really, really inconvenient! It is fairly easy to get rid of clogs but you’ll need to be quite patient though. The gravity of blockages varies depending on whatever caused them. Fortunately, there are also a great number of ways to deal with these culprits. For instance, you can use plungers which are among the many essential plumbing tools you should have at home. You can also take advantage of augers or plumbing snakes. There are cleansers available in the market but professional plumbers do not approve of them since they may actually damage the drain pipes. Last but not the least, there are natural remedies such as vinegar and baking soda. So if you are into eco-friendly remedies, here’s a quick guide to show you how to use these cooking ingredients that are apparently awesome clog exterminators! And I quote,

“Baking soda and vinegar have long been valued as natural cleaning agents, but when combined they also produce an important chemical reaction. You might recognize the “volcano” experiment from elementary science classes: build a volcano structure, and then add baking soda and vinegar to mimic the eruption. When combined, these two products create a powerful fizzing action that can do more than just produce an impressive amount of bubbles. It can also release even the most stubborn of clogs.” (See full article here.)

So now you know how effective these substances are in cleaning plumbing lines, fixtures and even in getting rid of toilet clogs. However, you should know that there’s a proper procedure to do this. You have to follow this guide strictly to be able to successfully get rid of the blockage.

How to Unblock a Toilet Without a Plunger

A clogged toilet can cause a huge mess that results in damage to your flooring. Usually plunging is the most effective way of removing a toilet clog, but sometimes a plunger might not be available. If you don’t have a plunger handy, you might not have to call a plumber to get rid of that clog. A couple of household items can be used to safely and effectively remove toilet clogs.

Hopefully this clogged toilet fix for Broward County homes will help you in the event of unexpected plumbing problems in your bathroom. Should you need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to look for professional Broward County plumbers! Douglas Orr Plumbing guarantees first-rate Broward County plumbing services including bathroom fixtures remodeling! Call them at  305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282 and they’ll help you out immediately!

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