The Proper Way To Unclog A Septic Tank In Fort Lauderdale FL

Proper maintenance of your septic system is incredibly important yet a lot of people fail to do so. Over time, a septic tank that hasn’t been regularly maintained would cause major problems like backed up toilets and malfunctioning drains. Needless to say, repair of these problems are very costly. Prevention is better than cure. Avoid expensive solutions and spare yourself the trouble by learning how to unclog and prevent septic tank clogs in the future.

An easy way to solve your septic tank problem would be through septic treatments. Septic treatments are essentially bacteria that help break down the household waste in your septic tanks in order to free up space. These septic treatments come in water-soluble packets that you flush down your toilet into the septic tanks.  Common forms include liquid, gel, or powder. Hopefully, the bacteria and the enzymes present in these packets would help free up waste that has been backing up your septic systems. You should be able to see the results over time.

While waiting for the bacteria to finish its job, avoid flushing down strong detergents, cleaning agents, and anti-bacterial waste products into your septic system. Doing so wouldn’t be doing your septic treatment any favors since this would make the enzymes work harder. The time it takes varies for every household, depending on how clogged your septic systems are. It would be best to consult the package instructions.

If after the prescribed time has lapsed and the problem is still persistent or recurring, maybe it’s time to call your plumber or septic tank specialists to have them take a look. Your septic tank might be long overdue for a pumping or at worst, reinstallation of a new system.

There are numerous options and tips available online to help you maintain your septic tank system. Before springing for expensive repairs, it would be best to get second and third opinions from other specialists. Again, prevention will always be better than cure so read up on how your septic system works, familiarize yourself with your drain fields, and have it maintained regularly. Good luck!

Hopefully, these tips will help you unclog septic tank in Fort Lauderdale FL! Here are more tips on how to maintain your septic tank. If you think you need the help of the pros, check out Douglas Orr plumbing! You can also reach them at: 305-887-1687 or 954-522-828 or 1-800-DOUG-ORR.

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