Why is A Video Camera Sewer Line Inspection In Fort Lauderdale Important?

Your sewer lines play an important role in your plumbing system. While your clean water lines supply you with potable water that you can use for your daily activities, your sewer lines are the ones responsible for transporting the waste from your home to your septic tank or the city sewer. What you have to remember is that proper use of your plumbing is important to avoid getting your sewer lines clogged. For instance, non-biodegradable waste should not be flushed down the toilet or thrown down the drain pipes. These include cigarette butts, diapers, body wipes, condoms and cotton swabs among many others. You should also have your lines cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure that they are still in good condition or that they don’t have holes or cracks.

The Importance Of Having The Sewer Line Inspected

When buying a home, you should definitely consider having a sewer line inspection done before committing to a certain property. Older sewer pipes in our area used to be made from clay and cement, and many of them have breaks, cracks, offsets, and even whole parts have broken away due to settling, earth movement, tree roots, etc. You can imagine what sorts of problems these issues create in homes. Most cities require that homeowners pay for any repairs needed, up to the part that joins their part in the street – quite a long distance in some cases. In Seattle we started recommending them as a matter of course years ago as it became clear that our elderly infrastructure wasn’t aging all that well, not to mention that sewer repairs can be so costly. I hear that agents on the Eastside are beginning to recommend them too, though it’s not quite as common.

Apparently, sewer inspection is not only particularly important for already homeowners but also for those who are just planning to buy a house. Inspections will save people from a lot of plumbing problems as well as avoid unwanted and highly expensive repairs. If the house is old, an inspection should not be disregarded. Read more about this from this valuable online resource I found.

Sewer Inspections for Older Homes

Tree roots growing into sewer lines is a common problem. Roots crawl into tiny openings and expand in the sewer line, latching on to other debris that typically cause backups such as grease or eggshell waste. Sometimes chemicals can kill the trees roots but if the roots reappear, the pipe may be damaged and require excavation to fix the problem.

Homes that were constructed prior to city sewers often relied on cesspools. After cities installed public septic systems, sometimes the cesspools were left intact and connected to the sewer line. You won’t know unless you inspect the sewer.

Many homes built in the 1950s have sewer lines made from tar paper called Orangeburg pipes. These disintegrate and collapse over time. If a home has Orangeburg, the sewer line definitely needs to be replaced.

I hope I have shared with you the importance of an inspection done through a  video camera sewer line in fort lauderdale FL . video camera sewer line in fort lauderdale FL. Also read this article on how to keep your main sewer line from clogging to keep your sewer pipes at tip-top shape. Should you need this plumbing service now, just visit www.OrrPlumbing.com or call them at 305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282 to schedule a service!

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